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Three JET Drill Presses

These are high quality drill press machines for both carpentry professional business and home shop woodworking owners. These products boast its reliability, durability, and versatility performance of their own.

JET 354165

JET 354165

The first product is JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press. It offers 3/4 HP 115/230-volt motor, 16 number of speeds (200-3,630 RPM), an easy push-button switch, adjustable worktable, 150 pounds weight, and 10-by-13 inch work surface. This product offers a reliable, speedy, easy, and convenient performance. It was designed to be a durable yet user-friendly product. The users’ reviews mention that they have been using this product for several years without hitch, proving its claim on durability. This product is also completed with a built-in work light. It is helpful for the users who usually only count on their work shop’s dim light. The adjustable worktable can be rotated 45 degree, makes it easier and more flexible to use. As mentioned before, this product offers 16 numbers of speeds, allows its user to use it for various drilling or non-drilling works. Lastly, this product has 5 years warranty and costs around USD 522-535.

JET 354170

 JET 354170

The second product is JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press. It offers 1 ½ horsepower, 12 number of speeds (range from 150 up to 4,200 RPM), a hinged metal belt and pulley cover, an adjustable worktable, ½ inch diameter external positive depth stop, and also two years of limited warranty. It’s claimed to be the best product for both professionals and home-shops woodworking business. Reviews said the main advantage of this product lies on its adjustable worktable. Its size was wider and bigger than other products. Users can lower, tilt, and raise it as they please. The other advantage is the adjustable tension spindle spring and sturdy machine. It allows user to manipulate and adjust the drilling speed easily. This product also can endure heavy weights though it makes this product very heavy (288 pounds). This product costs around $999.

Jet 354166

Jet 354166

The third JET product covered in this article is Jet 354166 JDP-15MF 3/4-Horsepower 15-Inch Floor Model Drill Press. Sold at $499.99, this product is the cheapest among three. It’s equipped with a powerful 15-inch floor model drill press, has ¾ horsepower motor, 16 number of speeds, a built-in work light, and weighs only 180 pounds. Also, this product is claimed to be an ideal product for both home and professional woodworkers. Different from two other products, it is said to be design to conserve power. Its working table is made from rectangular cast iron to ensure its stability and durability. The table can tilt 45 degree and swing 360-degree, guarantee maximum flexibility. It also has 16 number of speeds to be applied for various jobs. Consumers’ reviews mentioned that this product can be assembled much easier than others.

In conclusion, this is best drill press for the money are recommended for both professional and home shops. The products have necessary reliability and durability needed for woodworking jobs.

Makita Cordless Drill Kit

The Makita 9.6v cordless drill kit comes in different driver styles including: driver-drill kits, impact drivers, cordless angle impact, high torque impact wrenches, angle socket driver kits, and 9.6V cordless angle drills. Some discount Makita 9.6V cordless drill kit models that you can find online include the 6503DWDE, DA392DWD, 6990DWDE, 6991DWDE, 6226DWE, and 6226DWLE.

The DA392DWD Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit is a powerful power hammer drill is ideal for close quarter drilling and driving. This Makita power tool measures only 4-1/8 inch from tip of the chuck to the top of the tool body and has an overload protector that helps prevent motor burnout. This 9.6v cordless drill kit by Makita is easy to maneuver thanks to its well balanced and lightweight body. Included with the Makita DA392DZ kit is the batter 9134, battery cover 414938-7, charger DC1411 and the plastic tool case 824627-0.

The DA391D Cordless 3/8 In. Angle Drill has an overload protector which helps prevent motor burnout. This Makita power drill has a keyless chuck for fast and easy installation and is compact, well balanced and lightweight. Other Makita drills you can find online include 6226DWE, 6226, 6227 Dw-ex, 6227DWLE, 6228DW-EX, 6316DWBE, 8413DWAE, 6903VDW, 8413DWDE, 6336DWB-EX, 8433DWD-EX, BTW200SF, 12v Sds Plus, 6095DWBE, 6096, 6226DW-EX, 6227DWE, 6228DWE3, 6313DWBE, 6316DWDE, 6317DWDE, 6333DWB-EX, 6336DWDE, 6343DWDE, 6908DWA, 8411DWAE, 8412DWAE, 8433, 8443DWDE, BHR200, DA302DWE, DA302DZ, DA391D, Da391dw-ex, DA391DWB, DA392DWDE and DA392DZ.

Delta 46-460 Wood Lathe

Choosing the best wood lathe for the money is something that you’ll need to consider if you really love woodworking and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture that you know you have the skills to make in your garage. However, even if you may be great with woodworking, there are a lot of wood lathes out there to choose from which can make you feel quite confused about choosing the best one for your needs.

Luckily, we’ve done the bulk of the research in this regard and came to the conclusion that the Delta Industrial 46-460 is the best one you can currently get. Below we’re going to review it, so you can get an idea of how much of a help it can be for your woodworking projects.

First off, let me tell you that this wood lathe is an electronic variable speed woodturning model that’s fitted with a reversible one horsepower motor which can turn at speeds that range from 250 RPMs and up to 4000 RPMs in both directions. The Delta 46-460 is a midi lathe, but if you want to give it the capabilities of a larger model, you can easily do that by using an optional base and bed extension.

However, comparing it to a full sized model is not fair and to be honest about it, for a midi lathe the Delta 46-460 can put up a good fight. If you’re interested in intricate and small tasks, including turning bottle stoppers or pens, this lathe is certainly a choice you should seriously consider .

The instruction guide is going to help you learn all about the Delta 46-460 since it offers you plenty of information on its features, how to best use it and the materials it’s going to give you the best results with. And if you need to change the speeds depending on the types of materials you want to work on, you’ll be very happy to know that this can be done manually by accessing the upper and lower belt pulleys.

Safety is very important for Delta and because of that they decided to equip this lathe with a motor overload circuit breaker. The system is automatic, so depending on the difficulty of the project you consider, if you stress the lathe beyond a specific point, it’s going to stop in order to prevent damage to the motor. In fact, not only is best for the money, but also the best one in terms of motor damage prevention, helping you protect your investment like few other models out there can.

With a powerful motor, an easy-to-read guide that goes over every function of the lathe and the ability to change speeds manually for more accuracy, the Delta 46-460 is certainly one of the great lathe you can currently get. Not only is it well built, but it can easily be used by both beginners and professionals.